Note To Salon Professionals: The Body Comb® fits in with many of the salon services that you already perform and makes your work way easier at the end of the day. I personally guarantee that you will become a better Salon Professional for using it. So give the Body Comb® a try! 

The Body Comb® is the comb that
will make your work look great! 

Order The Body Comb® today risk free!

The Body Comb® features and uses include:

  • Adds body to all hair types
  • Adapts to combing all hair types
  • Combs in hair conditioner with ease
  • Combs in hair color with ease
  • Chemical straightening for long to short hair
  • Cutting and shaping all hair types
  • Razor cutting and shaping all hair types
  • Combs a lot of hair effortlessly
  • Used as a finishing comb
  • Combs through tangles and snarls
  • Used as a hair pick and for teasing
  • Improving manageability

And also

  • Salon Professionals love its versatility
  • Beauty schools now teach with it
  • Beauty schools now include it in their starter kits

What makes the Body Comb® so great?

The secret is in the patented small tooth design, and your ability to adjust the combing angle. First, the small teeth sink into the silhouette of your hair when combing, while the large longer teeth control the direction of your combing movement.

To vary the thickness of hair that you comb, you must keep the combing angle at:

  • 0 to 30 degree for fine hair
  • 30 to 60 degree for medium hair
  • 60 to 90 degree for thick hair

Just by using these combing angles, you will come to understand a whole new level of combing hair.